​Here is an example of how we improve the customer experience: 

“The customer's account allows him/her to access information based on the GPS which is a feature of his/her mobile device. Therefore, the system of the invention will populate distances and applicable maps to the desired vendor's locations. One can also choose from three or more options, according to his/her preset preferences. Going a step further with the same technology, a GPS Zone is identified by the satellite coordinates of a vendor's location. Using these coordinates, a customer's order is triggered by the customer's unique mobile phone identification and the order is put into queue once the customer has crossed the plane of the GPS Zone. The customer's device at either a walk-up or drive-up GPS Zone allows pre-ordered events to be processed without proper check-in. When the customer arrives at an onsite touch screen application, he/she will need only verify his/her identity and modify/approve his/her order in queue. The system thus enables on to arrive, verify, pay, and go.” (US Patent No. 8,583,511 and related intellectual property)

Tell me more.  We have a system and method for improving the accuracy of marketing to consumers by compiling a consumer profile database using info from web-based, point-of-service-based and mobile device-based systems that collect data related to consumer preferences and purchases. By offering mobile consumer profiles based on consumer preferences and purchases in certain industry sectors in Market, such profile and purchase information can be used in conjunction with the geographic positioning of the customer to make relevant purchasing recommendations and marketing offers across several industry sectors and to submit preregistered retail orders for purchase also.  I'm sorry, what?  Basically, we hold patents to create a monster mobile consumer profile that knows how you like things, where you like things, and when you like things.  So, for example, we like not waiting on line for restaurant orders.  We prefer to receive food upon arrival.  One service we provide is wait-free applications.  Another is hassle-free luggage.  Yet another is proximity-based mobile engagement.

By nature, we are planners; and so it feels right when things go according to plan.  We believe that pre-planning or preordering is defined as adding certainty to your daily routine or event: it's simpler that way.  If consumers know what to expect and vendors know what to expect, everyone can execute efficiently/effectively. Would you have a party without knowing how many to expect and what they prefer?  Our profile method works the same way.  I.D. verification; then, begin adding preferences to your consumer profile for later efficiency.  Access your profile anywhere there is Internet.  Therefore, when a wish pops into your head,an impulse tempts you or an event needs planning; we are ready to take note of it, store it and make the experience as efficient as possible upon arrival.  You may choose to use your profile for purchasing, gifting, deals, check-in and quick ordering; it is easy to preorder any event with profile-in-hand.  Whether it is a(n) daily occurrence or one-time event, your order/deal is perfect, exact to preferences and location.




Mobile Engagement

GPSR™ = "...once the customer arrives at the vendor location, the customer is automatically recognized using GPS and/or RFID recognition techniques"

Our passion is creating an efficient and engaging mobile consumer mobile experience, every time.

This is possible because of our commitment to bring emerging technology to the real world consumer environment with practical consumer-facing apps.  Simply put, we are efficiency liaisons. 

Our expectation is to improve every consumer relationship either through location-based marketing or engaging check-out experiences.  Though there are many competitors, our methods are patented.


“For example, a pre-selected order may be transferred automatically to the queue once the mobile device enters the plane of the GPS zone, either in a drive-up or walk-up scenario. Then, the customer edits and approves the order with his/her verification information, such as password, biometric scan, and the like, and the order is set for delivery.”  (US 8,583,511)

“For example, a customer can have his/her bags picked-up via an express mail partner at the customer's home or office address, travel as he/she prefers in his/her preferred seat and with preferred meal/beverage on an airline of the customer's choice, find his/her car rental car of the customer's preference waiting at the airport, express check-in at his/her hotel of choice by the GPS recognition of the customer's phone, driver's license or credit card or debit card scan, biometric hand or finger scan, access card, retinal scan, password, key fob, or mobile application of the like, find his/her bags waiting for him/her in the customer's room by having chosen the hassle-free luggage option in his/her profile, then can dine at his/her preferred restaurant, and can access his/her pre-ordered registration/reservation or access the customer's profile onsite or via his/her mobile, laptop, notebook, or Macintosh device, in order to reduce his/her wait time.” (US Patent No. 8,583,511 and related intellectual property)

ConsumerCash™ Rewards
Everyday rewards that entice consumer loyalty.

GPSR™ Delivery
Order delivery based on mobile GPS/Active RFID proximity.

Precision Inventory Management
Leveraging opportunities for monetizing goods.

PayPike™ Cardless Payment Portal
Payment equal to 1% of items sold.

Precision Gifting™
Gifts specific to consumer preference in profile.

Dollars members earn with loyalty to vendors.

Precision Purchasing™
Purchases based on unique profile preference.

Precision Systems Integration
Seamless integration with existing systems.

Personalized, Secure Profile
Managing a monster profile system is our pleasure.

Custom Cross-Promotions
Promotions based on unique synergy in network.

GPSR™ Marketing
Marketing based on mobile GPS/Active RFID proximity.

GPSR™ Rewards
Reward offers based on mobile GPS/Active RFID proximity.

Precision Marketing™
Marketing based on individual consumer wants.

PayPike™ is one useful tool for creating more time for the important stuff for the everyday consumer. In other words, it has been said that it's a real life solution for managing your wallet, deals, gifts and time via one secure consumer profile. After profile set-up, each purchase and profile preference is securely stored and can be accessed by the member (and whomever the member delegates access) to improve the efficiency of each experience and relevance of deals that enter one's profile from vendors within our exclusive network. Alerts are set by each member to direct deals to one's profile, Email and/or text with customized tones/vibrations/notifications on one's device. This patented, customized approach is one major reason why our method is preferred over spam marketing and irrelevant deal notifications. To sum up, we make shopping easier by providing Precision Marketing™, updated profile preferences for Precision Purchasing™, and Precision Gifting™  utility when a member elects to grant access to those within their network of friends into their secure consumer profile. We have created an unique method for consumers to exchange with vendors and share with friends that is both practical and easy to use. To further illustrate, please see how it benefits you in Retail and other markets.  Discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding the aforementioned product at PayPike.com.

In the realm of "big brother", we ask for the permission of each participant to allow us to make their experience faster by way of geofencing, active RFID and related tech of the like. Each vendor hosts a device that can identify when a customer's handheld device crosses a geofence--we call this when in "range". We use mobile detection tools to help vendors to know when you arrive so that clothes can be prepared in a closet, for example, or food may be moved to preparation queue from wait queue, in another. Some customers call it crazy, clever or spooky: we call it GPSR™. With this patented technology we are able to provide timely delivery above other methods as well as marketing that is super relevant: GPSR™ Delivery and Marketing. Moreover, the speed and relevance of GPSR™ is the key. With GPSR™ our participants get one-of-a-kind service and offers relevant to profile preferences and device location.
The difference between GPSR™ and push notification is personalization and customer control.  A participant's profile allows access to vendors within our “Network”.  Then, we use this information to help to improve the efficiency/accuracy of vendor offers.  Learn more about ordering ahead and marketing services at this link.

If you’d like to find out more about ConsumerCash™, PrecisionPurchasing™, PrecisionGifting™, PrecisionMarketing™, GPSR™, PayPike™ and other ETS products/services; please reach out for one of our consumer commerce experts via the 'Contact Us' page on this site or by calling us.  To learn more about our patents, opportunities for partnership, and brief company overview please reach out to us.

ETS difference: we strive to improve the way vendors engage and exchange with our members.  Our goal is to radically improve the consumer experience with our tech.