Our mission is to produce the most hassle-free customer experience for vendors and consumers alike; to create a safe and easy m-commerce platform that saves time.

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We are a tech company in the social/pay space.  We create time saving, money-saving, customer engagement apps for businesses in the markets of Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Travel.  Our location-based  products help vendors and consumer exchange better.

Precision Marketing Companies in the Restaurant, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment industries are constantly seeking new promotions for attracting new customers, moving them through the purchasing process more efficiently, increasing omni-channel revenues, and improving customer loyalty. Additionally, these entities also constantly seek new ways to improve customer retention by obtaining more precise data about their customer's preferences that can be used to target market to and reach those customers. In recent years, technology has been used to implement new ways to attract customers and to create store-specific customer profiles and the like for purposes of improving target marketing. The Internet and mobile applications have facilitated such efforts by enabling data management of the collected customer information from purchases made online. However, target marketing efforts have been relatively ineffective as they group, score, and mine customer data but do not effectively reach a customer at the appropriate time and place, through broad online advertising tiles, in-app adds, emails, surveys, and other methods of contacting the customer with general marketing campaigns. In short, the methods to date has been marginally effective for vendors to gather information needed in order to specifically tailor marketing offers to meet a customer's needs, accounting for the customer's buying preferences. Better knowledge of the customer's specific purchasing and profile preference information will allow vendors to send precision offers to customers based on real-time purchasing and profile preference data of that customer. Moreover, an approach is needed whereby the precision offers reach the customers at the appropriate time (e.g., when the customers are in proximity of the vendor's location) how the customer prefers to receive such offers. For example, the system described herein reaches customers via a web-based profile account within a closed social network and network of vendors by contacting the customers with alerts in the form of a text, email, notifications, or other alerts as he/she prefers.

Mobile Engagement

We are a company that believes in an efficient shopping experience.  We believe in not waiting.  With a little planning and our patented method of deals, ordering, engagement, delivery and payment; you can discover your personal profile-in-hand shopping experience in Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment and Travel.  Our patent protection is pre-iPhone, and our Product is an easy mobile commerce experience.

Our unique marketability is our patented method of improving the ordering, engagement, delivery, marketing, gifting and payment experience.  Patrons get custom vendor deals based on profile and GPSR.  In other words, it's much more than a mobile wallet.

Vendors join our exclusive network in order to offer relevant consumer deals in to customers who us in Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality and Travel spots.  Customers get a personalized network.


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Our innovative tech solutions are patent protected, and our team is laser-focused on creating a better mobile customer experience in the consumer markets covered.  Learn more about our approach to saving customers time and money everyday at our product overview website.




Providing clear communications between customers and vendors is our primary mission.  We create advanced mobile applications that use a combination of GPS/RFID technology to provide a one-of-a-kind rewarding experience for both parties.  Discover our patented approach.