Scott Elliott

Years of experience: 11

Expertise: Banking

Our Solutions

Stephanie Proffitt

Years of experience: 9

Expertise: Sales

Marshall Hendrickson

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: Operations


We bridge the digital and physical worlds with our products and services to improve the efficiency and accuracy of each reserved pickup.  We also help vendors to engage.

Bill Evans

Years of experience: 9

Expertise: Counsel


We are excited that you found us!  We are building a global team to change the way consumers and businesses exchange.  




Steve Jones

Years of experience: 28

Expertise: Engineering


Learn about how PayPike and other patented products in our portfolio work to improve the consumer retail experience and overall loyalty.

Business Solutions

Running a business is not easy.  With ETS mobile solutions, you will learn how to make time for your customers and employees alike.

Our mission is to produce the most hassle-free customer experience for vendors and consumers alike; to create a safe and easy m-commerce platform that saves time.


What if order delivery could be timed to your arrival as a customer?  We have a patented method for doing that and more.  Discover

"As a customer, I want to be able to order ahead and pickup my order when I arrive at a vendor location, so that I can get back to my day efficiently."  This is how we arrived at PayPike and like products. Our goal is to pioneer the way  vendors and consumers exchange with our profile-in-hand approach to engagement, purchasing, gifting, marketing and rewards.  Our vision is to become the way consumers connect, order and pay.

Our Mission